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Sticky Spot & Stain Remover

200 Litre Drum

De-Solv-it cleaner is a highly effective citrus based solvent that is your answer for many degreasing, dewaxing and adhesive removal tasks. It is not Class 3 Flammable (WorkSafe criteria) which ensures it is much safer than traditional hydrocarbon solvents.

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  • No overwhelming vapours
  • Natural citrus based solvent
  • Bio-Degradeable
  • Australian made
  • Worksafe - not Class 3 Flammable

Safe to use on:

  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Tile/formica
  • Wood surfaces
  • Ceramics
  • Many plastics
  • Clothing/fabrics (not silk, suede or leather)



Retail Applications

  • Price labels from fixtures and product.
  • Double sided tape.

Automotive and marine

  • Degreasing of parts/machinery and tools.
  • Wax from surfboards.
  • Clean boat bilge tanks.
  • Silicon sealant residue.
  • Cleaning of fishing and trawling nets.
  • Strips Solar Film and adhesive from windows.
  • Road tar, grease, oil, and grime from cars, trucks, trailers and boats.
  • Detail cleaning of sticky substances from vehicle upholstery and carpets.
  • Workshop areas, concrete floors and driveways.

Janitorial and domestic

  • Labels from appliances, cutlery, crockery and glasses.
  • Oil and grease from driveways and garage  floors.
  • Scuff marks on floors and skirting boards.
  • Crayons from walls and other surfaces.
  • Chewing gum from carpets, clothes, hair.
  • Masking tape or any other adhesive tape residues.
  • Pre-stain treatment for clothes and carpet.
  • Grease traps and drains clogged with greasy grime or soap scum.
  • Bathroom maintenance of soap scum in sinks and showers.
  • Degreasing deep fryers, stoves, BBQ’s, splash back areas in kitchens and stainless steel.
  • De-waxing floors.
  • Wax out of many fabrics.
  • Cleansing oily sweat and grime from gymnasium benches and equipment.
  • Removes Blu-Tack.

Industry, construction

  • Cable cleaner, removes cable jelly and other oil and grease based soils on optic fibres and telecommunications cables.
  • Gunk from printed circuit boards.
  • Labels and adhesives from clogged rollers on labelling machinery (e.g. Beverage and bottling companies, fruit labelling etc).
  • Labels on pallet racking and shelving systems.
  • Post construction clean up.
  • Tar based adhesives in tile removals.
  • Clean up of wet oil paint.
  • Silicon sealant residue.
  • Wax from fruit waxing machinery and candle making equipment.
  • Glue residues in cabinet making and computer casing.

Medical, health and beauty

  • Removing surgical tape and adhesives off medical equipment.
  • Labels from beds, walls, charts, pumps, infusion lines.
  • Removing adhesives from prosthesis, wigs and hairpieces.
  • Laundry pre wash spray for medical linens.
  • Beauty industry: wax removal from pots, benches and equipment.

Oil exploration

  • Desolving oil and tar build up in drilling core.
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Applications for De-Solv-it     
Customers have given us extensive feedback and are using De-Solv-it for a wide variety of applications with great success. 

De-Solv-it takes off, removes, degreases and cleans all of the below applications:

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